Sales strategy on demand.

We equip small- to mid-sized enterprises with personalized solutions and strategies for growth.


We believe in doing good work, with good people, for good purpose.

Fio Connect is a boutique consultancy firm that delivers growth-oriented solutions & strategies — powered by our proven process, and backed by a team of experts.

We remove the overwhelming complexity of doing it all yourself, and hone in on exactly what you need at each stage of growth. We offer support specific to your business — just what you need, exactly what you can afford, at the time you need it most.

Ready to grow your business?


“Karen represents all the attributes one would look for in a business relationship. She is not only talented, experienced and knowledgeable, but also creative, personable and customer-focused. I prefer working with people who can identify both problems and opportunities, and apply solutions or ideas in either case. Karen is one such individual.”

Walt Judas | Vice President, Marketing Communications & Member Services, Tourism Vancouver

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