10 Questions to Assess your “Personal Brand”

When considering how your business’ brand is perceived internally or externally, we often ask ourselves simple questions to get a feel for the basis of these perceptions.


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Equally importantly,  knowing yourself and what your “Personal Brand” has to offer is crucial in understanding your role in your work environment.  According to a study conducted by Harvard, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford University, “85% of your job success is connected to your people skills”. Understanding who you are is the first step in enhancing your people skills, and the following questions are designed to give you a simple, quick review of just that. It may seem trivial (“Of course I know who I am!”), but it might surprising what you find out. And remember to be truthful, we don’t want to be lying to ourselves!


A couple tips before you start:

§  Be tough! This will only serve to benefit you in the end

§  Any strengths you identify, note them so you can build on them. They are very useful when building “your” brand and as you work on any weaknesses you identified


1.      What do I have to “sell”?

2.      What are my fundamental characteristics people expect of me?

3.      Are there symbols or styles am I known for?

4.      What are my top 3 personality descriptors?

5.      What reputation do I carry? Is there any baggage to be aware of?

6.      Do I have specific benefits regarding my ability or emotions?

7.      Who considers me an integral part of their lives?

8.      What are my roles in life (boss, coach, mother, teacher, etc.)?

9.      Which 3 core values do I most align with?

10.  How would those around me describe me in one sentence?


When completed, try sharing these answers with those closest to you, asking for thoughts and feedback. If there are areas you are not happy with, or if your answers are not totally accurate from an observer’s perspective, take the opportunity to work on them and strengthen your “Personal Brand”.

Robyn Hounjet