Growth for all – Fio Geo and the power of networks


When we started Fio Connect, we recognized very quickly that there were no borders when it comes to businesses looking for growth. Our conversations were the same whether in Canada, the US, or abroad. When CETA came into force in Fall 2017, our international connections were excited about the opportunity to grow their businesses within Canada. We started discussions with one of our clients, UK-based EnviroCentre, to learn about their unique service offerings for the Western Canadian energy market.

That's when we spotted a bigger idea – one that could change the way Canadians look at energy.

EnviroCentre is a consultancy that does environmental impact assessments, ecological surveying, water management and engineering, and other related services for a variety of public and private sector clients. They saw what was happening in Western Canada's energy sector - Alberta in particular - and wanted to explore how they could provide their expertise in a market ripe for their services.

As we began opening doors and having preliminary conversations within our own network, we realized that there was an exciting new opportunity living within our connections to industry, government, and academia. From the exploration of new business for one company, we discovered a magnified opportunity that could involve a number of partner companies.

That's how Fio Geo was born.

Fio Geo gathered the best in engineering, design, energy, and environmental expertise and has now created an exciting renewable energy project. It involves a new concept that offsets the liability of abandoned wells (an $8 billion dollar taxpayer issue in Alberta, as of November 2017) with the growth of commercially viable heat to heat applications. (For more information or to get involved, please visit

Now, our UK client, EnviroCentre, holds a seat within a key geothermal business opportunity, one that Fio Connect is equally proud to champion.

What started as a short-term environmental remediation opportunity for EnviroCentre has now turned into a viable long-term energy business stream.

Recognizing the value of a good network

To grow business successfully, it's no longer just a matter of looking for new clients for your products and services. Growth means thinking outside the box – being creative, innovative, and forward-looking. When seeking new revenue opportunities, we often overlook potential partnerships that can change the growth plan from straightforward revenue for one company to exciting, multi-faceted commercial success for many. Leveraging our network amplifies an identified opportunity, creating a multiplier effect that shouldn't be overlooked in our connected economy.

Fio Connect values our network. We take great pride in the relationships we've built across a wide variety of industries, like technology, media, energy, environment, and government. The power of our networks, combined with our win-win-win philosophy, paves the road to new business development for all involved.

Take a look at your own network. Do your associates know your growth plan? Do you have people within your network who can innovate? This is the power of co-creation.

What is leverage? It can be defined as influence, power, force, control, pull. In our world, leveraging means bringing in expertise from our extensive network and connecting the dots, so that, together, everyone achieves more.

How do you leverage?

1. Remember to tell anyone and everyone what you're doing in your business and what your goals are.

2. Listen deeply to what others are doing in their businesses and note synergies with your own. Can you spot ways to help each other and multiply success for all?

3. Be curious. Ask what if – what if we combined our talents? What if we looked at this challenge in a new way? What if my people called your people?

4. Approach every new idea with the spirit of ensuring that others win too. In our knowledge economy, there are no zero sum games, only win-win-wins.

For information on how you can leverage Fio Connect's network and multiply it with the power of your own network, please contact us at