Just Do This

Objective: Get new leads.



  • LinkedIn – search for connections related to pre-identified target markets as per Lead Generation Strategy.
  • Use sequence below to ask for introductions (referrals) from affiliated contacts.


Target: Minimum of ONE new client contact per week that results in a future meeting or presentation.


Time Required: 15 minutes per day x 2 days


Expected Long-Term Result: You will gain a minimum of one new contact that will lead to a conversation (meeting, call, etc.), driving toward new project opportunities.


Timely follow-up (within 24 hours) with any prospective leads who respond to your outreach should generate the following:

  • Awareness of your business for future projects
  • Information leading to a new project bid
  • Connections with other prospects


Just Do This...


Step 1: WRITE OUT your 1-paragraph message for introducing yourself and your services (elevator pitch).

**PLEASE EDIT THE FOLLOWING SAMPLE INTRO. You know your company best, and we know sales. Our experience helps us review your pitch from a buyer's perspective. Feel free to send us your elevator pitch in a quick email and we can review or help make it stronger if necessary.**

 Eg. "Hi Joe. It’s a pleasure meeting/connecting. My company offers XXX for projects like YYY. The result is ZZZ. Our project partners tell us they really appreciate our unique delivery model. We always provide exceptional value for our clients by saving time and ultimately money. It looks like your firm also gets involved in similar projects. Could we meet over a coffee on Wed..."


Your Elevator Pitch:



Step 2: Ensure your own LinkedIn profile is up-to-date and contains a portion of your company's elevator pitch as written above. Also, ensure that your company's elevator pitch matches your topline statement above.


Step 3: Take a moment to connect with as many people you already know personally  – these are your 1st priority connections, consisting of friends, current customers, current and former co-workers, association members, etc.


Step 4: Identify and write out 5 to 10 companies that you would designate as high priority targets for 2018

1.      __________________

2.      __________________

3.      __________________

4.      __________________

5.      __________________

6.      __________________

7.      __________________

8.      __________________

9.      __________________

10.     __________________



Step 5:  Search connections related to each target company.


1.      Use the search feature at the top of your LinkedIn page; type in the company name.

LinkedIn Search bar.png

2.      The results will show all people that work at or have worked at that company.

Example: I selected Bird Construction as my chosen target client.

LinkedIn Search Result.png

3.      Click on the link “See all [859] employees on LinkedIn” to show everyone who works at the company you've searched (example continued re: Bird Construction).

4.      Identify connections related to you and/or your own connections. You can organize people using several filters; start by filtering only 1st and 2nd degree connections.

LinkedIn Filter.png

5.      Identify connections related to you and/or your own connections.

a.      As you can see in the screen capture below, I have zero 1st degree connections. However, I have several 2nd degree connections with Bird Construction including project managers, senior PM’s, and a VP.

LinkedIn Connections.png

6.      You can now see how you are connected to each person by clicking on the “Shared Connections” link.

a.      For example, in the case of Michael McKinnon, I have 7 people that I am directly connected to who can potentially introduce me to him. You can see below an example of my contacts who know him and can possibly introduce us.

LinkedIn Connections filter.png


Step 6:  At this stage, you are either looking for an introduction and referral OR you are attempting to connect with someone completely new.


a.      Use THIS message for an existing 1st connection to ask for a referral:


"Hi Joe. Long time no see! Did you know that I'm now doing ____? My company offers XXX for projects like YYY. The result is ZZZ. I see from LinkedIn that you know BILL over at ABC CO. Would you be so kind as to connect us? I'd sure appreciate a warm referral. Feel free to email me at [email address]. I'll owe you a lunch if any business results – thanks!


b.       Use THIS message for any 2nd connection to open a door for conversation:

"Hi Joe. I'm reaching out via LinkedIn because I see that you're involved with _____. I've also worked with [reference something similar, or your mutual connection, or relevant project work]. My company offers XXX for projects like YYY. The result is ZZZ. Our project partners tell us they really appreciate our unique delivery model. Could we connect?"







Robyn Hounjet