New Year - New Plan

Planning for Future Sales Success

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A. Review for understanding:

  • What went well in the past year(s)?
  • What did not go well?
  • What are the key drivers that result in new business?
  • What are the key metrics? (Look at original goals, adjustments and remaining targets)
  • What are the risks (internal and external)?
  • What are the opportunities?
  • What are some of the specific factors you/we will be facing in the future?
  • What assumptions are you making about the future market?
  • What assumptions did you make about your product offerings in the past year(s)? Still true?
  • What assumptions did you make about your company’s capability in the past? Still true?


B. Prepare for pursuit of NEW business:

1.    Create separate lists of key clients by vertical (i.e. O&G producers, financial analysts, drilling engineers, service companies).

2.    Gather 3-5 testimonials, quotes, or case studies (with approvals from each client to use their testimonials, stories, or even just their name). Ensure these are written versions, even just a few sentences.

TIP: one of the fastest ways to get a testimonial or quote is by phone call...yes, it’s true! If you call a client and explain what you’re doing (gathering testimonials for a marketing tool), and ask them for their help in the most convenient way possible, then take the testimonial/quote/story right then and there – write it down, type it up, whatever. Then tell them you’re going to send it in an email to them right away to make sure it’s accurate and that they’re ok to have it circulate for marketing purposes. Their reply is their approval and consent, and they are often relieved to have helped without too much time and effort taken on their part!

3.    Create one-pagers per each vertical, with specific bullets to include:

a.    Value proposition – a statement about your product or service offering and how it will help “your” businesses – positioned as a similar type of business to those listed within that vertical target market

b.    List of key clients currently using the product or service

c.     Several examples of quotes, case studies and/or testimonials

4.    Use this one-pager in multiple ways:

a.    As a quick reference “script” to change cold calling to warm calling, i.e. “...we work with over ## companies to help them with [value proposition] fact, ABC Company has said that their use of our product has resulted in [quote, case study, or testimonial]....”

b.    To give as a leave-behind after a first meeting or demo, to help provide the language of value and impact of other key client names so that your client has a tool to help “sell” to others who may be decision makers or influencers.

Robyn Hounjet