Developing your Business’ First Website

Developing the first website for your business is exciting. It’s new and fun, and it symbolizes a tangible start for your company. Furthermore, it means that it is time to start building a product and an audience.

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The problem is, most entrepreneurs try to do too much

It makes sense – you’re excited, you have hundreds of new ideas. But suddenly you realize you have wasted plenty of time (or worse, plenty of money) on making an intricate website without an audience to appreciate it.


Therefore, there are two very important requirements for your first website:

1. Make it only one page

For now, a simple logo and brief “about us” blurb will do, along with a way for your audience to stay in touch. Without having a defined audience, we don’t yet know what lies in the future for you business, so keep it simple until we have something more concrete to build on.


2. Create a way for your audience to stay informed

This is incredibly important. Create a way for potential consumers to stay in touch, such as building a link for them to join your email list or access to your blog posts. Most online business builders will tell you the biggest mistake they made was not having this done as soon as possible.


With this in mind, now it is time to choose your platform on which to build your website. The advantage behind a website platform (or, “content managing system”) is that you can build your website without writing all the complex code that comes with it. Make sure to do some research and compare a few different platforms before settling on one. Whatever platform you choose, make sure it fits these criteria:

  • You can use it yourself without help from a specialist
  • You will be able to grow your website as your business grows
  • It fits with your brand

Note that some platforms will require a web host*. One of the simplest and more popular platforms, Squarespace, does not require a web host or any other software and is a good match for those that are new to web design.


*web host: a company that provides space on a server and internet connectivity, making your data available on the web (Wikipedia, 2017)

Robyn Hounjet