Improving your Content Marketing

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Top blogger Jeff Bullas provides many examples for improving your blogging and ultimately your content marketing


Jeff Bullas is one of the world’s most recognized bloggers. With 563K Twitter followers, Bullas tweets constantly to promote his blog posts which attracts an impressive 16 million readers from across the globe. Says Bullas “Early on I used Twitter to grow an audience and then started to use it to distribute my content”.


According to Bullas, providing fresh content consistently is so important as search engines inherently produce results with new material. He focuses on putting up content that is original, interesting, and engaging, primarily feeding the demands of consumers. After all, using this content is for a bigger purpose: making an actual sale. And currently, Bullas says companies are missing the mark on this initiative.


“I think many brands miss the mark by thinking that just creating content is enough,” Bullas says. “Content marketing is two words and you need to hustle your content. Also many brands don’t take the opportunity to leverage traffic into leads and sales. Conversion of attention into real business is critical not just ‘brand awareness.’ Also in the mix is often an ignorance of SEO and how content can help in the task.”


Bullas’ blog does well to attract readers through his use of images, buzz words, and relevant statistics to back up statements. Additionally, inviting guest bloggers ensure that fresh voices are brought into the mix. “What I really like about guest bloggers is that they bring their own perspectives and ideas – that adds more value to my readers. It is hard to measure whether that creates any more influence or traffic. But I am sure it doesn’t hurt.”


Worth noting, despite being one of the most recognized Digital Marketing Experts in the world, Bullas is still consistently looking to other websites for guidance and inspiration.


Bullas provides a great example of what you can be doing to grow your small business and attract new consumers to your digital marketplace.

Robyn Hounjet