Lead Gen Strategy


Following is a Lead Generation Strategy designed to serve as a guide for actions that are immediately deployable, leveraging your business’ current expertise and success.


Our recommendation is that your business use this Strategy and its accompanying tools and action items as directed. After 4 weeks, you can expect the following results:

  • Min. of 1 new viable lead where a proposal is the next step.
  • Min. of 8 new qualified prospects in the lead pool.
  • Action items ready and/or in progress for advancing qualified prospects toward sales.


Our guarantee: If you request assistance with this strategy and the above measurables are not forthcoming after 4 weeks, Fio Connect will provide hands-on lead generation activities on behalf of your business, in the form of research and/or direct marketing, to be conducted during time currently allotted under your premium business membership. The option to provide sales outsourcing as a separate (commissionable) service will also be explored at that time.

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Process for Developing Lead Strategy


Step 1: Assessment of primary components that will affect the development of new leads…

Leads Diagram FRC-01168.PNG


Step 2: Development of the plan...

Lead Plan Development FRC-01168.PNG


Assessment for Your Business


1.      Target Market

a.      Ideal customer – current ideal customer profile

i.      Customers geared towards solutions you provide, easy to price

ii.      Look for customers who are responsive, timely, and where quality of deliverables are most valued

iii.      Can fill gaps in the services they offer

b.      Affiliates & partnerships

i.      Explore similar companies where there may be a potential gap and willingness to partner

c.       Highest margins

i.      Focus on identifying where your highest margins will come from

2.      Leverage Influencers

a.      Testimonials from current customers

b.      Referrals from customers and extended network

c.       Networking

3.      Industry

a.      Research – identify target market through industry lists, government lists, project approvals, etc.

b.      Associations – identify associations that cater to target market

c.       Join/follow various targeted LinkedIn groups

d.      Stay informed – newswire, industry activity reports, etc.

4.      Unique Value Proposition – define and articulate your UVP

a.      What makes you different? (Features)

b.      How does that difference make you better? (Advantages)

c.       So what...? (Benefits for customer)


Key Strategies for Lead Generation


Key strategies for developing leads for your business include:


1.      Targeted outreach - prepare...

a.      Unique value proposition – your elevator pitch

b.      A "hit list" based on each ideal target and best ROTI

c.       Scripts for phone, in person, or email (with verbiage from UVP)

d.      Case studies – past work that itemizes key benefits relevant to each recipient

2.      Strategy for RFP's – employ tips for responding to (and getting in front of) RFPs...

a.      In advance of potential RFP

b.      During RFP proposal development (Q&A's, leveraging LinkedIn, etc.)

c.       Post-submission

3.      Leveraging testimonials

a.      How to ask for testimonials

b.      Where/how to use testimonials

4.      Referrals

a.      How to ask for referrals

b.      Where/how to use referrals

d.      Developing a referral program (rewards, discounts, and/or customized appreciation)

5.      Developing affiliates and partners

a.      Identify market gaps among targeted companies

b.      Networking: identify best ROTI

c.       Take advantage of Associations (determine if membership is required)

6.      Use research

a.      Inventory database related to your industry

b.      Industry expertise - uncover where/how expertise is showcased

7.      Marketing enhancements

a.      Website

b.      Social media

c.       Content marketing (contributions to periodicals, responses to industry news, etc.)

8.      Advance the lead from identified to qualified

a.      Tips for getting past the gate-keeper

b.      Early engagement techniques



Action Items and Next Steps


"Just do this..."


Starting immediately, and over the next 4 weeks, Fio Connect can deliver a 4-part series of specific action item based on the above strategies. Using our sales experience and techniques, we will do the pre-work for you, then help you leverage your current relationships and expertise to help drive new leads. Your to-do's will be accumulated and tracked like this:




Due Date:




 If you haven't already done so, connect with our team today to kick-start this strategy


Key Success Factors


If you ask us for help, your business can experience an increase in leads generated from the activities outlined above, providing full engagement through:

  • Early adoption and deployment of recommended techniques
  • Weekly check-in with Fio on progress
  • Outreach for help from Fio if encountering challenges, hurdles, or need additional guidance
Robyn Hounjet