Boost your business with our proven 6- or 12-month plan.

For less than the cost of going away to a conference, buying numerous books and taking courses, or hiring a junior staffer to do the most basic sales and marketing research, Fio can help take your business to new heights.


12-Month Program

$1,595* per month 

For twelve months, your designated sales leader will guide you through Fio's proprietary 52-Week Plan to Drive New Business. We will customize the plan to your business, focusing on every element of its sales and marketing.

Exclusive offer: upgrade your designated sales leader to our CEO, Karen Meckelborg, for an additional $900 per month. (Limited quantities available.)

6-Month Program

$2,495* per month 

For six months, your designated sales leader will guide you through a condensed version of our 52-Week Plan to Drive New Business, focusing on just the essentials.

At the end of the six months, you'll have the option to upgrade to the 12-month program for an additional $1,100 per month for the remaining six months.


Both programs also include:

  • Access to ready-to-go Sales and Marketing Tools, Tips, and Resources 

  • Access to Sales Training according to your industry or target market 

  • Access to Business Blogs and Q&A Forum specifically focused on New Business Development

  • Customization of Select Sales/Marketing Tools to suit your company’s industry and/or area of focus 

  • An appointed personal Sales Leader to provide weekly strategy meetings and guide you through the 52-week program

  • Assist with management of your sales team’s activity 

  • Marketing and presentation techniques 

  • Goal setting, performance tracking and proven accountability tools

  • Motivation and coaching that drives results 

  • One-time $250* set up fee


Custom Add-Ons (starting at approx. $25* per month) 

  • CRM – your own Customer Relationship Management portal with your contacts pre-loaded and a customized sales pipeline that does all your tracking for you. 

  • Office 365 – we can help you get set up with the most relevant tools for YOUR business, making sales and marketing accessible for everyone in your company to support your business development goals. 

  • Activity Reports – weekly reports that show progress and tell you exactly what to work on in the months ahead. 

  • Tech Support for Sales - Sharepoint, security training, CRM data management, etc. 

  • Social Media Campaigns – no, you DON’T need to be on every social media platform! Find out whether your business belongs on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, or none. We help build customized solutions for regularly scheduled social marketing that really does drive lead generation. 

  • Onsite training and workshops for strategic planning and/or sales learning. 


*All prices in Canadian dollars, exclusive of GST (5%)