Sales Pipeline Stages Defined

Lead (Holding Tank - Potential Prospect)

There is evidence supporting the fact that this company should purchase the product.  We have some (but not much) understanding of the client:

  • there’s reason to believe that they have needs that we can serve
  • an estimated price tag has been assigned to the opportunity

Weighted sales potential: 0%

Stage 1:  Prospect (Qualified)


A connection has been made with the client, and we’ve got confirmation that there is perceived value, and reason to pursue the opportunity.

With more knowledge of the client, we can estimate the potential revenue; the pricing may be reviewed/changed as more knowledge is obtained.

Weighted sales potential: 10%


Stage 2:  Discovery  (Validated)

The client’s needs have been explored more in depth, the sales rep has identified the potential solution to the client, and we’ve received positive feedback that the product/service may be a solution.

We have one or more advocates on behalf of the client supporting the eventual sale.

The potential sale price (and therefore revenue) is reviewed/adjusted as necessary.

Weighted sale potential: 25%


Stage 3:  Proposal

There is ongoing work with the client to create a proposal, gain access to the decision maker, and develop the solution specific to their needs.

Weighted sale potential: 50%

Stage 4:  Negotiations

 Client has confirmed interest in purchasing.  Pricing is being finalized, contracts being drawn and finalized, etc.

Weighted sale potential: 90%


Stage 5:  Closed (Won or Lost)


The contract is returned with signatures, and notification of the sale flows through internal channels. The signed contract and all related documentation are attached to the company’s record/file, and fulfillment of the deal begins through operational processes.

Weighted sale potential: 100%



The client has rejected the proposal and is no longer interested in the opportunity. All related documentation is attached to the company’s record/file, and notes are added to explain the loss.

The account moves back into the Lead pool, if applicable.

Weighted sale potential: 0%

Robyn Hounjet