Sales Meeting Template [50 minutes]




  • Maximize relationships with clients
  • Drive toward revenue goals
  • Overcome barriers to goals (develop solutions)
  • Inform/share for express purpose of achieving goals (from solutions to innovation)
  • Celebrate



  • Sales representatives and sales leaders
  • Sales support (coordinators, researchers, etc.)
  • Marketing team
  • Once per week: invite a key liaison from other departments (Operations, Finance, etc.)



1) Sales Status [14 mins]

a) Successes, wins, celebrations

b) Customer Relationships – current status and high-level review of existing customer activity (retention)

c) New Business - Pipeline review:

i. Snapshot of actuals, projections, comparison of actuals to targets [Goal: shared knowledge, team-oriented solution, individual action item, accountability - WHAT/HOW?]

ii. Quarterly: include acknowledgement of any achievements (celebrate!).

iii. Identify accounts within pipeline that are:

(1) At Risk

(2) Weak

(3) Strong

(4) Confident


2) Marketing and Support [6 mins]

a) Updates re: lead gen activities, SM/Newsletter signups, marketing returns, etc.

b) P-Review: quick look at Product, Price, Promotion, Position, People; stay focused on revenue generation and retention issues only


3) Sales Solutions – Focus on NEW business development [15 mins]

a) Strategies for selling – what is currently working? Analyze and discuss how to apply what works to other situations – share anecdotes and case studies

b) Market feedback – objections, trouble-shooting, etc.

c) Brainstorm on new ideas, packages, bundling, etc.


4) Sales – General [12 mins] **pick one topic per week**

a) Performance reviews, targets, celebrations, etc.

b) Product review or area of specialization

c) Competitive review [set aside additional time for semi-annual or annual review of competition]

d) Training – sharing, needs analysis, learning materials, etc.

e) Other (group discussions)


5) Action items [3 mins]

a) Specific goals for the week

b) Other tasks summarized, documented – who, what, by when

Robyn Hounjet