Millennial Management

As a new generation of millennials enters the workforce, we are seeing a disruption to our traditional bureaucratic structure. However this disruption should not be seen as a negative, but as an opportunity to welcome new styles of operating and fresh perspectives, and in conjunction, an opportunity to improve on traditional talent management.

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I came across a great metaphor linking today’s talent management to a jazz band. In this sense, the hierarchy defined by traditional management will be replaced by creativity, collaboration, call-and-response, and improvising. The following tips will help you incorporate and manage millennials successfully in the modern work environment.


1.      Forego recruiting and initiate relationships, engaging the top talents

  • Traditional interviews utilizing the interrogation method should be swaped out with a conversational approach. Open a dialogue to identify, attract, and hire
  • Instead of traditional advertising, use social media to influence prospective employees
  • Introduce competitions, internships, projects, etc. to high school or university students. This avoids the “recruiting” process and ensures people who are brought in are already engaged with your business

2.      Skip training and create work-learning environments

3.      Collaborate, not manage

  • This is fitting with the idea of disrupting the traditional hierarchy as mentioned above – these approaches to supervision are becoming decreasingly effective. Rather, construct teams and engage employees by decentralizing the decision making process and promoting collaborative projects

4.      Don’t retain: evolve lasting relationships

5.      Improve Performance in Real-time

  • New employees are constantly craving feedback as a product of a lifetime of the interaction and instant gratification provided by modern technology. While the traditional performance review takes place at a time removed from the incidences in question, real time feedback will also prove to be much more effective at guiding and shaping your employees’ performance.



Don Tapscott

Oct 28, 2014



Robyn Hounjet