Phone Screen Interview for Key Account Manager

Candidate:  _________________________________


Date/Time: _________________________________


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Warm Up Questions:


1.    Tell me in more detail about your role at _______________.   The highlights?  The frustrations?  The challenges?

2.    Tell us the scope of your responsibilities as the (insert title)  at (insert company name).   What were your core accountabilities monthly, quarterly, annually?

3.    Why would you be interested in talking to us about a career opportunity?  What is your reason for wanting to leave?


Customer Rapport/Setting the Agenda:


1.    Tell me how you go about establishing credibility with your customers.  (please provide specific example)

2.    Tell me about your philosophy on “Satisfying the Customer’s Needs” – and provide an example that would give me a better understanding what you mean.

3.    How do you go about balancing the needs between your customer and the business?   Example?

4.    Tell me about an initiative/plan that you are particularly proud of – why?  What made it unique/great, etc?



Setting the Agenda:


1.    Tell me about a time when you considered several alternatives before deciding on a solution to a problem.  What was the situation?  What alternatives did you consider?   Why did you decide your situation as you did?

2.    Tell me about a time that you were most innovative in resolving a customer-related issue.

3.    Tell me about how you go about identifying opportunities, gaining organizational buy-in and then building the plan to gain customer buy-in? (example)



Work Style/Leadership Profile:

1.    How would you describe your work style?

2.    Tell me about the most difficult interpersonal challenge you have faced  in working with peers, team members, managers, etc.

3.    Tell me about your experience in working in a matrix organization where relationships cross functionally and cross country are critical to your getting your work done – give example – what worked/didn’t (frustrations/challenges/successes)

4.    How do you plan your work?   What system do you use?



Career Interests:


1.    What goals have you set for yourself for your career?

2.    What are some activities/plans you are doing to ensure that you achieve these goals?

3.    How would a move to (insert company) fit into these plans?

4.    Relocation to (insert city) in the next few years?



Notes from Conversation:



 Overall Assessment – Continue/Don’t Continue?


Robyn Hounjet