Fio specializes in connecting people and expertise.

We do this by providing on-demand sales and marketing experts, at any stage where it's most needed.


Imagine walking into your local home improvement store at the start of a home renovation project.

You enter the store, knowing the basic tools and equipment you need to get started. But you realize as you walk down a few extra aisles that you might also need some things you didn’t even think about. You start seeing shelf signs and reading product labels that make you wonder whether you’re capable of doing this whole project by yourself.


You’re sure you’ll need to learn a few more things, but if you’re honest, this project is probably much bigger than you thought and you could really use the help of an expert.

You seek out the help of a store clerk and end up finding “the guy who knows all about that.” After discussing your project in detail, you end up with exactly the right tools and products to get started. You also know who to turn to when you go back for more stuff!


Subsequently, you watch a few DIY videos online, sign up for a weekend course at the store, and end up calling in an expert to do some of the more intricate work.

This is the do-it-yourself model: start bravely, enjoy the thrill of being handy, save a few dollars, seek expertise when you need it, and hire the right professional for critical work.


Fio Connect is the "home hardware" resource for small and mid-sized businesses.

Business members can find what tools they need on the shelves, seek the help of an on-call sales expert in order to use the tools in the right way, attend workshops, ask for more in-depth advice from Fio’s experienced leaders, and connect with professionals for outsourcing.


As for the sales and marketing experts “on call” – they are independent contractors who can operate from anywhere in the world. They are vetted, have a proven track record, and are ready to run their own outsourcing business. But they want to save time and money by using Fio’s tools and resources.


Fio Connect acts as a provider, advisor, and connector between business members needing to get work done and independent contractors able to do the work.

The best part? Our clients have access to our experienced, highly-skilled sales leaders who provide personalized advice and hands-on expertise toward success for all.