Our process, adapted to your business.


Fio’s tailored consulting approach is determined by which stage of the business cycle you’re in. Using our proprietary assessment tools, we can help you figure out where you’re at and what you need, so that you can grow your business in a sustainable and profitable way.

We provide hands-on support to business, sales, and marketing leaders through one-off, short-term, or long-term consulting packages.



Fio stands for “Figure It Out,” and that’s exactly what we do for you. Using our expertise, we efficiently assess your current circumstances to uncover and evaluate the root cause of why your business stalled, stuck, or stagnant. From there, we identify areas of opportunity for strategic growth.



Understanding the root cause and areas of opportunity, our team outlines the key components required to build the framework for your solution or strategy. Utilizing our varied team expertise, paired with our vast tool kit of professional resources, we assemble the pieces required to best support the framework.



With the framework constructed and the specific tools and resources curated, we are able to further develop the solution or strategy. We connect the dots, connect the right people, define initiatives, prioritize and identify critical next steps, and ultimately, provide a personalized solution or strategy.



We recognize that a solution or strategy can only be effective if it’s properly executed. This is where our expertise shines — with hands-on support and experienced methodology, we drive the implementation of the solution forward. If training, hiring, managing, or pivoting is required, we provide the guidance.



We share in the success of our clients and genuinely care about the results. Our work doesn’t end with the implementation of the new solution or strategy. We equip you or your team with personalized resources* to future-proof the solution or strategy.



Empowered. Capable. Confident. That’s how you’ll feel knowing your company is set for growth.

Equipped with solutions and strategies to meet your business’s unique needs and goals, armed with with professional tools and resources, connected with the right people, supplied with a roadmap and expert guidance, and prepared to execute next-step recommendations that will propel you forward.


Karen is a true leader, a tireless worker, and her positive attitude is infectious to not only those who work with her, but also to everyone around her. I would not hesitate to work with Karen again and continue to call upon her for strategic sales expertise.

— Gary Davies |Strategic Business Advisor



*Personalized resources can include:

  • Assessment tools to uncover your business challenges and opportunities

  • Building blocks for targeted lead generation

  • Methods for converting leads into real dollars, and converting those sales into long-term customers who are willing to give you referrals

  • Training, guidelines and tools for managing the sales efforts, whether to support the “accidental” sales person or a full team of professional reps

  • Strategic planning tools to help you create strong forecasts and high-performing teams

  • Access to ready-to-go Sales and Marketing Tools, Tips, and Resources

  • An appointed personal Sales Leader to provide weekly strategy meetings and guidance

  • Goal setting, performance tracking and proven accountability tools

  • Motivation and coaching that drives results

Further, we specialize in connecting people and expertise (hence, Fio “Connect”). We have a network of vetted, highly skilled, expert sales and marketing professionals that can be accessed on-demand to execute the defined solution or strategy and see it through to completion.