Fio began with a desire to help businesses grow.


In 2014, Karen Meckelborg founded Fio Connect to be an on-demand solution for SMEs who had seen success but were stalled, stuck, or stagnant and seeking growth.

With over 25 years of business, sales, and marketing experience, Karen understood that not all businesses required full-time sales or marketing directors, yet they needed a boost of expertise to achieve their growth goals.

Fio was designed to equip SMEs with personalized business, sales, and marketing solutions & strategies, supported by professional tools, resources, and guidance and specifically tailored to revenue goals.

Fio has worked with companies in a variety of industries, including: media, events, oil & gas, telecommunications, environment, safety, government, and technology, and is able to adapt their proven process to provide SMEs in varying industries personalized solutions and strategies.

Knowing that some SMEs don’t always have the capacity to see these solutions & strategies through, Fio has expanded its à-la-carte services to include hands-on sales management, personalized coaching, and occasional outsourced sales support, in order to help get the job done. With a deep understanding of the client’s growth goals, they can pair the strategy with the best integrated support for each specific project or industry.

All of Fio’s services can be accessed on-demand and as needed, allowing each business to flex and grow as needed.

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Our Core Values

Our philosophical “heartbeat” is goodness.

Good People: other like-minded business leaders who are visionaries, experts, professionals, team-players, kind, generous, and honest; they share our passion for helping others achieve success, happiness, and joy.

Good Work: fun, enjoyable, smart, and innovative work that helps others achieve success, happiness, and joy.

Good Purpose: helping others achieve their goals and dreams by enabling them to connect, grow, and do meaningful work that makes a positive impact in our world.