This is the story of how
Fio began.

Fio Consulting Inc. started in 2014 when two separate ideas joined
together through a natural chain of events...


It began when consulting collided with doing.

The companies I worked with would eventually say, "Great strategic advice, Karen, thanks...! So, now can you please help us find someone to do the work?"

Of course, I knew the do-ers – those sales and marketing experts that I had either worked with or crossed paths with – who were so professional and adept that they could dive right in and help immediately. But the best of the best were entrepreneurial too; they liked their flexibility and autonomy.

Why not? I thought. This is the new way to work.

And so it began.

Fio Connect has become the "new way to work" in today's sharing economy. We've grown organically through the shaping of supply and demand, with the push and pull of business development versus independent contracting.

Our sweet spot is in finding good people and matching them with good companies. We work with sales and marketing professionals who have proven success in their areas of expertise. And we invite them to offer their skills to select companies with good products or services that just need a boost.

Mix in a little secret sauce that comes from years of experience in creative sales and marketing, and then I get to do what I do best – lead, support, coach, train, and drive them all toward success.

The best part: good people know how to build and maintain strong relationships. Our pros are networked, informed, savvy, and successful connectors.

Together, we've become a community of highly skilled, self-motivated champions of business.

And we're still growing.

I can't wait to connect.

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Karen Hounjet, Founder & CEO of Fio Connect