Sales and Marketing Outsourcing is a cost-effective way to expand your business reach and revenue potential - without the hassles of internal management.

Fio Sales and Marketing outsourcing consists of a team of professional sales representatives and marketing experts “on call” for your project-based needs. 

  • Fio has a contract sales team operating on a commission-only basis, giving your business high performance sales without the management costs of a traditional in-house sales team.

  • Find opportunities in new areas with highly experienced specialty sales professionals who are already connected with potential customers.

  • With experience comes an ability to optimize face time with targeted customers, and an aptitude for knowing when and how to change the sales pitch to best match the clients’ needs.

  • Fio also has marketing experts available for an hourly consulting fee.

An outsourced team serves as a risk-free addition to your marketing efforts through professional representation that helps increase your company’s promotional activity.



Your goals become our goals. Fio brings:


Fio reps bring unique sales skills that come from a wide variety of sales experience.

Tracking and support 

Our sales team is equipped with all the tools necessary in order to get going right away, so you’ll get regular updates on progress.


Our reps augment their experience through our training tools, processes and programs.

Industry expertise

We’ve established and nurtured key relationships within a variety of industries, such as media, oil & gas, technology, life sciences, travel and tourism, and retail.