Business Decision Document Template


Project Champion:

[Who is bringing this forward]

Other Participants:

[Other champions or those who are already part of the initial planning or conversation, considered influencers]

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Decision Required:

Describe the proposed project, issue, or decision required, as clearly and succinctly as possible.


Summary and Background:

Please summarize this project or issue, and what you want to achieve.

 [Provide details about who, what, where as associated with the decision, along with the history of how you came to the issue at hand. Decision-makers need to understand the background, but only what is relevant, in other words, only what is required to help direct the decision. Avoid any extraneous information so as not to detract from the focus of getting the best decision given the factual circumstances involved.]


Goal or Objectives:

What singular goal, or primary objective(s) are you trying to achieve?

  1. To ...

What is the strategic plan for achieving these objectives?


How will you measure the success of this project?

  1. By increased ...


  1. By a reduction ...



Who will be most affected by this decision?

Do you have any research on how they will be affected?

What should be avoided in dealing with this group?

Who else may be impacted?



What do you see as the immediate and most relevant options that should be considered?

  1. Option 1 – Benefits / Risks
  2. Option 2 – Benefits / Risks
  3. Option 3...

 What other relevant options can be identified by those involved in the decision-making process?

 What options have been considered but already eliminated, and why?



Which option above does the champion recommend?  Why?

 [Description of the recommendation in relation to the risks vs. rewards outlined above, along with any other considerations such as time, etc.]


Other Considerations:

What is the best way to get others involved?

Are there existing pieces that this project/decision must work with?

How will this project/decision be delivered or communicated to its intended audience?

 What tone and imagery will be most effective (specific visual goals)?


Project Deliverables:

What are the basic project deliverables?

 [If possible, rank by priority.]

 Who is responsible for each project deliverable (include Department Head and Project Lead)?


Timelines and/or Deadlines:

When must the decision be finalized in order to proceed (or for maximum effect)?

When must we deliver the finished work?



How much money is budgeted or required for this project/decision?

Has this budget been approved by the executive leadership involved?


The Responsible Parties:

Who needs to sign off on deliverables?

 Who needs to sign off on final execution?


Anything Else:

Is there anything else you need to tell us about this project/decision that is not already noted above?



Document the agreed-to decision. Document everyone involved in the decision, those in agreement, as well as any stated concerns.


Next Steps:

Define how project/decision will be tracked and measured for success.

 Define any new roles/responsibilities to be assigned as a result of this decision (who/how).

 How will learning, insights, or new opportunities be documented or addressed?


Final Sign-off:

Decision-makers to sign this decision document, or confirm their approval by email or similar documentation.


Appendix A: Revision History

[If you anticipate multiple revisions throughout the discussions and reviews, prior to signatures, a revision history is helpful to keep everyone aligned.]

Robyn Hounjet