Where do I start?

fio where do i start blog post

Are you a business ready to grow, but not sure where to start? The first step is to review the current state of your company's business development activities. Our free checklist, Sales Strategy Essentials, helps guide you through this critical step.  

Once you've completed the checklist, you may be surprised... in a good way! You'll find strengths and gaps in areas that will show you exactly what to focus on. 

For example, one of our clients (a B2B technical service company) thought they had the right foundation for sales and marketing, but through the checklist exercise, discovered that they had not fully identified their competitive strengths and weaknesses, and had completely failed to recognize some external threats

Another client (a software developer) felt confident in their sales team, but recognized through the checklist that they did not have bench strength in sales management. This revealed a gap in accurate forecasting, which resulted in missed targets

Fio's Sales Strategy Essentials checklist will help you determine a starting point for reaching your business goals. It's just one of many tools that we provide to help companies just like yours know what to do next on the path towards growth. 


Sales Strategy Essentials Checklist

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